640-461: Voice and Unified Communication Specialists

Cisco Systems; one of the oldest and leading information technology power house has been consistently providing complete enterprise solutions to almost all major business houses across the globe. The penetration of Cisco systems with IT related solutions whether it is hardware related or software related is very deep; virtually every IT related requirement is serviced by Cisco either directly or indirectly through different channel means. The powerhouse is considered market leaders in innovation in the field of information technology and is way way ahead in terms of whatever little offerings that their competitors have in terms of products and services. The biggest advantage that Cisco has is that it gives relative importance to doing the basics right. This practice of doing the basics right helps in maintaining an edge over competition as the customers get immaculate customer support from the back end.

• Cisco Training Modules

One process which is very popular with Cisco is the training and certification modules that the company has for IT professionals. These training and certifications modules are devised keeping in mind their own products whether it is hardware or software. This enables the organization to provide expert back end support to the clients with professionals who are proficient in handling even the latest product offerings of the company. The most important aspect of these training and certification modules is that the certified professional is required to re-certify either the same certification level or a higher one after a time span of two years. This helps the professionals to be up to date with the latest developments or advancements in technology.

• Sufficient Information is Necessary

One such process or training module which concentrates on Voice and Communication administration is “Cisco CCNA Voice” certification. It is also code named as Cisco 640-461 certification which provides in depth insight into Voice and Unified Communications Administration. The module concentrates on providing knowledge components, features, functionalities and architecture of Cisco Unified Communication solutions. Ancillary tasks like additions, monitoring, and changes in the Unified Solutions are also a part of the training module of 640-461.

The 640-461 is a comprehensive training and certification module which covers the end to end aspects of Voice and Communication administration enabling the professional to tackle different aspects of the solution in its entirety. Cisco systems has been exemplary with their training and certification programs ensuring that end to end enterprise solutions can be provided to the clients.

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