Technical Communication – The Basics

Today’s high-tech global economy is expanding horizons within existing commercial fields, creating new types of jobs that simply did not exist only a few years ago. One such field is that of “technical communication”, an offshoot of the Communications Industry. People employed in this highly specialized, newly formed arena of communications focus on providing their clientele with technical information to a targeted audience with the intention of eliciting a specific response.

For instance, a Technical Communication Specialist would be able to provide a manufacturer with user manual or technical manual for their product, or create a shopping venue for a web marketer. This fast emerging sub-genre of the established communications field challenges the boundaries of traditional communications, having been birthed in an era where the old rules of communications are passe and the new are already being improved upon even as they are being hailed as the latest and greatest.

Technical communication “products” are often the result of a team of individuals with specific areas of expertise (i.e. writing, programming, web-marketing, design, etc) working together to meet their client’s needs. And though it is a relatively new area of communications, persons who are able to jump in and then maintain a finger on the pulse of this dynamic form of idea sharing will be at the forefront of a new revolution within the industry.

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